Come Join Me in VALPARAISO, INDIANA (Limited to 21 Participants) as I Walk You Through several  Interactive Channeling and Spirit Topics!  




Raylene’s 2-Day In-Person Teaching & Channeling Event

Date and Time

  • Saturday 07/27/19 * 12pm - 4pm CST

  • Sunday    07/28/19 * 12pm- 4pm CST

Location:  Valparaiso, IN

Event Address: 39 Zane Ct. Valparaiso, IN

Cost for 2-Day Event: $190

Ticket price includes lunch both days also a crystal package we will use at the event .

All sales are final. No Refunds



Day 1 07/27/19

Time: 12:00p,-4:00pm

  • Crystal Energy

    • Protection
    • How to feel crystal energy

    • How to balance chakras using crystals

  • Connecting with Spirit

    • How to connect

    • How to feel Interdimensional beings & spirit energy

    • Identifying which spirit is around you

  • Semi-Trance Channeling

    • Allowing spirit or higher dimensional beings to move your physical hand


Day 2 07/28/19

Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm              


  • How to create your own natural energy

    • Sending and receiving healing energy

  • How to use divination tools  

    • How to use a pendulum

    • How to use dowsing rods

  • The basics of oracle cards

    • How to use oracle cards

  • Practice Channeling

    • Attendees will be given the opportunity to apply what they have learned on one and other if they choose to​.

  • must attend event 

SPECIAL ADD-ON OPTION - Raylene will be offering live 1:1 20-minute Private readings to a small number of Event participants. Cost is $60, prepaid.