Many are feeling the inner voice calling us to develop our intuition & connect to our spiritual selves on a deeper level. Opening up to our spirituality can be a lonely road with confusing signs. The new Connect to Energy webinar series offers participants the unique opportunity to learn from two intuitive mediums; Raylene & Lali live in a group setting! Every class will begin with a breathing & singing bowl meditation to attune everyone’s energies. Gain a closer relationship with your spirit team who love you so much.

In this 5-week long webinar series you will learn:

  • Protection & Grounding

  • Get to know your own & crystal energetic vibration

  • Connect to & feel the difference between vibrations of spirit & inter-dimensional beings

  • Understanding your intuition

  • Learn the basics of Oracle Cards


Stay Tuned for a date....... soon!

Delivered online via Zoom in five (5) 1-hour & 15-minute sessions over 5 weeks for a total of 6 hours. Includes an e-book to go

with the sessions. Raylene & Lali will answer questions on the webinar material ONLY in the last 15 minutes as time permits.

*If you can't make the sessions, they will be recorded & available to view within a few days.

**Must have an oracle card deck & a set of crystals; (Clear Quartz, Citrine & Carnelian). 

If this feels right for you, register below!

Cost for this webinar series - $444.00

With Raylene & Lali

Connect to Energy Webinar Series