Q&A with Raylene

Hi there...


Those of you who follow me  know that I do "Q&A" sessions where you submit a question to me and I answer it on YouTube with the help of my Guides. I open this to the public about once a month, and collect these questions in advance and then answer them during a single channeling session. Barring any technical issues, a recording of this cumulative Q&A session will then be posted to YouTube.  My regular timeline target for each new Q&A YouTube posting is approximately once a month, by mid-month.

The cost per question is $7 and obviously I can only handle a limited number of questions during this monthly session, so it sells out fast. 

If you are interested, follow these instructions below carefully so your Question doesn't get cancelled.


IMPORTANT : You must submit your question via PayPal to me when you pay for it. If you don't submit your question via PayPal, OR if you email me the question afterwards, I will automatically refund your payment.


I am sorry due to the volume of demand, I can't maintain a waitlist for Q&A.  I encourage you to book a regular 1:1 private session with me (see Book a Session tab on this website) if this Q&A schedule and structure does not work for you.

  • Limit of two questions per person per Q&A session.

  • Your question needs to be short and to the point and specific. 

  • Be sure to  include your first name in PayPal so I can call it out when I answer it and make it easier for you to find.

  • I will not respond to Government or political questions.

  • I reserve the right to issue you a refund for any reason.