Come join Raylene in HOUSTON, TEXAS (Limited to 11 Participants) as She Walks You Through Interactive Channeling and Spirit Topics!  



A 2-Day In-Person Teaching & Channeling Retreat with Raylene

Dates and Time

  •  fri Sat & Sun:  1/3/20 - 1/5/20 *  12pm- 4pm CST, both days

  • For those staying at the AirBnB, checkout will be sun   1/4/20 evening 

Location:  Houston, Texas (we will be at an AirBnb with exact location to be announced to participants before the event)


Cost for Live Event: $222 USD

  • Ticket price includes sleeping at the Airbnb  also a crystal package we will use at the event.

  • All sales are final. No refunds for this event due to limited seating.

  • For Lodging, see below at the end of this announcement.




DAY 1 - 1/3/20

Time: 5pm meet and greet  

Day 2 1/4/19

Crystal Energy

  • Protection

  • How to Feel Crystal Energy

  • How to Balance Chakras Using Crystals


Connecting with Spirit

  • How to Connect

  • How to Feel Interdimensional Beings & Spirit Energy

  • Identifying Which Spirit is Around You


Semi-Trance Channeling

o    Allow Spirit or Higher Dimensional Beings to Move Your Physical Hand

DAY 3 - 1/6/20

Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm CST              


How to Create Your Own Natural Energy

  • Sending and Receiving Healing Energy

How to Use Divination Tools 

  • How to Use Dowsing Rods

The Basics of Oracle Cards

  • How to Use Oracle Cards 

RARE IN-PERSON READING OPTION FOR EVENT ATTENDEES- Raylene will be offering 20-minute Private, in-person readings to a small number of the Event participants. Cost is $60, prepaid.​ You must attend the event to be eligible for this add-on option. First come, first served so book early to hold your place if you are interested in a live reading. Private readings will occur sometime during the 2 days at the live event. Raylene will coordinate exact day/time with booked clients.

SPECIAL OPTION FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT ATTEND THE EVENT LIVE IN LOS ANGELES: Raylene is making the Saturday and sunday topics available online live as they occur, via Zoom video dial-in from your computer. Cost is $55 USD. Please click here for information about Zoom as it will be your responsibility to ensure you have the correct access and equipment to attend via dial-in.  Technical support will not be provided by Raylene. Recordings will not be provided if you miss the live dial-in. No refunds once booked for any reason.

LODGING INFORMATION FOR 2-DAY EVENT PARTICIPANTSRaylene will be reserving an AirBnB home where the live event will take place. Participants are welcome to sleep at this location both nights provided you bring sleeping bags or air mattresses and are willing to share space with the other attendees.  If you choose this option, there is no guarantee of privacy. Also Raylene will be at this location but will not engage in any extra work-related activities outside of the workshop topics listed above and the prepaid 1:1 readings.  This will be Raylene's "down time" to relax, as well as yours.  Each person is responsible for their own meals . Staying overnight at the AirBnB is not required. Regular lodging can, of course, be found through the regular advertising channels if you prefer to book private hotels or other accommodations.