NEW OFFERING!!! Raylene now offers Crystal Jewelry Readings!

Click here to order for yourself or as a gift for a special family member or friend. Read more about this Offering below.

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I am very excited to announce that I now offer Crystal Jewelry Readings...

I have created a special product/service offering that uses my skills as a Medium and a crystal jewelry creator, which combines my love of both spiritual paths.

How does a Crystal Jewelry Reading Work?

First I draw in my Spirit Guides and yours to answer a question from you that will focus on a current specific issue.  The cards I am intuitively inspired to pull are a response to the Guides' answering your question.  (Or you can have the Guides pick the topic for you, see more information below.)


As I pull the cards and look at your question, I will be recording a mini reading for you, which will be sent to you (or to the person you are buying this for as a Gift).

Second, as the information comes in, I will respond to the Guides' answers by creating and mailing to you  1 or 2 pieces of crystal jewelry for you to wear as it relates to your current situation.

Additional Details About My Crystal Jewelry Reading

I reserve the right to create either one single piece of jewelry or may choose to do two at my own discretion, depending on how I feel the jewelry will support you.  I am sorry but I do not take special requests in this Offering for specific crystals in the jewelry as they are directly related to the Reading.  Please go to Buy a Product tab on this website if you want to order specific jewelry pieces.


The mini-reading associated with this product is recorded (not live) and will be sent for you to download via a link in an email from me.


You can only ask one question since the card pull and Guides' response needs to be tied to one topic that relates to something that is going on in your life at this current time.  Not to worry. If you don't ask a question the card pull will be about the Guides responding to how best support you during this current time period.  Both types of card-pulls are very powerful so if you don't want to ask a question and just allow the Guides to pick the topic and provide you with their guidance on that topic--just let me know your preference when you place your order.


The costs for both elements of this Offering is $75 USD  ($85 USD if jewelry will be shipped outside the U.S.)

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When you book any type of session with me, or buy any product from me, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. You acknowledge that I, Raylene, am not a substitute for your seeking medical or psychological or any other type of professional assistance.

  2. You agree that I am not responsible for how you use the information you receive in my session.

  3. You agree that Session results are not guaranteed.

  4. Because of the nature of spiritual contact, you agree that not all readings are 100% accurate.

  5. You agree that all sales are final for services rendered by me.

  6. You agree that all cancellations (including rescheduled appointments) must be received within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment. (Please use the links in your email notifications to adjust your  appointment as needed.)

  7. You agree that if you miss an appointment without contacting me per the required time, your payment  will be forfeited and considered payment for my time that might have been booked for another Client.  (Note that I may allow you one reschedule for a missed appointment at my sole discretion so contact me as soon as possible if you know you will miss an appointment. Also, use the links inthe email  confirmations to reschedule as needed.)