UPDATE ......... Readings with Raylene      


Amazing Friends -

As the vibration on the  planet changes, I was guided to take a deep dive into myself & my business. Recently my work has changed and is moving in a slightly different direction. I will no longer offer 1-1 training or intuitive readings for the time being.

I am moving into investigation work and detective consultation. This requires a large time commitment and I realize I can no longer provide all the services I used to.

Please I know that a lot of time and contemplation went into this decision. As much as I love providing training & readings for all of you, I must now allow space for a new chapter in my life. This is the healthiest decision for myself, my family, and my business, as balance in life is so important.

I'm so excited to offer a new opportunity; "Connect to Energy" webinar series. This is five (5) 1:15 hour online group webinars taught over the course of 5 weeks.
I'm collaborating with my  Reiki master Lali Akana who will Co-teach with me. This webinar series will soon have a launch date.


Stay tuned & subscribe to my newsletter so you are notified the moment we have a date for this webinar and any upcoming webinars we will be adding to the series.  I'd love for you to join us!

With love and light Raylene