"I've learned so much about contacting Spirit in a fun yet safe way for me! I've always loved Non-Ordinary Reality and Raylene has brought it so much closer to me!" -- P Hill (Student)

By Popular Demand, Raylene offers personalized training 1:1 for a limited number of students who have an interest in what she she does and how she does it (read below).


Her training calendar is currently OPEN to new students.






Structure of this Training Course and Cost: For a prepaid package training  rate of $450.00 for 7 sessions, Raylene is offering you the opportunity to participate in her training program. Actual duration of each class may vary slightly but will be no longer than 55 minutes and may be shorter depending on student progress, as determined by Raylene. 

Intent of Raylene's Training Course:


This course is designed to support your expansion of the following:

Day 1: Protection – Clearing/cleansing your physical & energetic body Day 2: How to work with Crystal Energy - pendulums, tuning fork Day 3: How to Feel & Connect to Spirit – energy practice Day 4: Identify the Difference Between Spirit & Interdimensional Beings Day 5: Allowing Spirit to Move your Hand – being energetically open Day 6: Learn to Use Oracle Cards – decks & spreads with intuition Day 7: How to use Dowsing Rods .


-Included with your purchase - 1-1 training with Raylene - Set of crystals - E-book for the course.

• Note that we may address other topics as time permits, per mutual agreement.

SuppliesYou are responsible for purchasing the items listed below before your course starts. They can be purchased either online at Amazon or at your local specialty stores. 

• A Deck of Oracle Cards, preferably Angel Therapy cards by Doreen Virtue

• Dowsing Rods 
• A Pendulum 


Note that Raylene will also be sending out a care package with crystals 

A Confirmation Email will provide you with your Unique Client Training Code and a link to schedule all five of the training sessions included in your prepaid Training Package.  You can book all 7 training sessions at once or one session at a time as your training continues. We recommend you book them all at once to avoid an interruption in your training flow as additional students join Raylene's program and access her open training slots, but that is up to you. 

Continuation of Training: For those students who show aptitude and interest, you may consider continuing beyond your initial training by purchasing another prepaid package of training sessions. (You can discuss this with Raylene as your first course progresses, if you like.) 


Disclaimer/Policies To Which You Agree:

Your purchasing of Raylene's training course is your agreement with her Disclaimer/Policy that this course is offered to you only as a teaching/mentoring course by Raylene at her discretion and that while she is happy to take your input, the final agenda will be determined by Raylene. 

Please note that this training does not include Raylene channeling and answering personal questions which can be addressed by you participating in her other regular appointments as you wish. However, information may come through during your training as support from your Angels or Guides. 


When you booked any type of service with me you agreed to the following Terms & Conditions: 


1. You acknowledge that I, Raylene, am not a substitute for your seeking medical or psychological or any other type of professional assistance.


2. You agree that I am not responsible for how you use the information you receive in my Training Sessions.


3. You agree that Training Session results are not guaranteed.


4. Because of the nature of spiritual contact, you agree that not all Training Session information is 100% accurate.


5. You agree that all sales are final for services rendered by me.